Baby Lisa is Still Waiting on a Transplant

Baby Lisa is still in a medical care facility in Mesa, AZ waiting for an organ. Please send her your thoughts, prayers and love. In the meantime, her family is waiting for her at home with clean, running water.

Hundreds of thousands of American children still don't have clean, running water. Baby Lisa is just one of them. Thanks for helping Digdeep bring water to our neighbors who don't have it.

Baby Lisa's House Has Running Water!

Baby Lisa was born with a rare genetic disease. Shortly after birth, she was denied an organ transplant because her family didn't have clean, running water at home. Without it, Lisa wouldn't survive. 

Last year, we celebrated Mother's Day by launching a campaign to bring clean running water to Lisa's house -- so that one day she could be reunited with her mom, Latanya.

This Mother's Day, that project is complete.

Latanya sent us this cell phone video after her water started running for the first time ever:

Electricity is Connected! Construction Starts Today!


Several weeks ago, we helped Baby Lisa's family -- LaTanya and Troy Teller and their four kids -- get electrical service from their local utility provider. That's one (BIG) step closer to creating a safe, healthy home for Baby Lisa.

The next step is clean, running water. So we're starting construction on the family's bathroom and water line this week! 

See how electricity has already transformed this house, and how excited the family is...

Baby Lisa has a rare disorder called Microvillus Inclusions Disease, and she's waiting for an organ transplant at a medical facility in Phoenix. When she is released, her family will need electricity and clean, running water to welcome her home. 

The bathroom should take about two weeks to complete - the water line, an additional 1.5 - 2 months.

Haven't met Baby Lisa yet? Watch the video here!


We hit our goal! Baby Lisa will go home!


Together, we raised over $50,000 to build a bathroom and a water line for Baby Lisa Teller and her family. When her surgery is complete, Baby Lisa can grow up surrounded by the family that loves her. What an incredible way to celebrate Mother's Day.

This is what her parents, LaTanya and Troy had to say when they found out:

We are so grateful... grateful for every video share, every email, every gift - big or small. Because of your generosity, we've exceeded our goal by thousands of dollars. We're still working to get the final tally and construction details in place. 

Keep checking your email for construction timelines and updates from the project. Share this email with a friend and tell them the good news!